Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Clock Building/Group Work

In math today, the scholars were divided into 4 groups. These groups were given several jobs to complete and had to work out how the tasks were to be divvied out.  The first job was to stretch out a piece of yarn to make a circle.  The second job was to count out exactly 60 cubes. The next task was to write 1-12 on index cards.  I helped the groups place out the 12, 6, 3, 9 and they had to work together to place the other numbers.  It was around this time that the groups realized we were making clocks.  The next task was a little trickier. The scholars were asked to put the cubes around the clock in groups of 5.  A great deal of learning took place as the scholars took more cubes or put cubes back in the box because they either had too many or not enough.  Remember, we had already counted out EXACTLY 60.  Tomorrow, we will continue the conversation about minutes in an hour and how counting by 5's helps us to tell time.

An added bonus to today's lesson was deciding how to work together.  I left the discussion to the small groups and I was super proud on how they negotiated turn taking and supply getting.  Of course, each first grader wanted to do each job, but they worked out the sharing of the tasks using optimistic, positive and friendly thinking.

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